Scratching the Surface, revealing only 1% of the damage-

the other 99% I’d rather forget and move on than finish this series. A Narc or narcissist is no joke. Its a type of human you don’t want to ever meet. They come in all forms but mostly they are charming and sweet when you meet. Very giving. It doesn’t take long but that mask does fall off… Need any questions answered? I’ll do my best because unfortunately I have YEARS of experience. April 25th 2010 was the worst day of my life, it was the day I invited him into mine and my boys life.  This photo project was done a few months ago- and as it stands right now from this post forward I don’t want to ever talk about what he really did to me- So I’ll leave this right here.IMG_6349

I am stronger than most already thought me to be. Click link below named narc photo essay

narc photo essay

Author: Fem Fat Photo & créme de la photo

My name is Amanda and I first and foremost need you to understand that you are entering a judgement free zone. Bring me your flaws, your skeletons, your insecurities and watch how we turn this into the most therapeutic photo experience you have ever imagined. I understand everyone and everything, almost so much so that its a flaw of mine- Lets flaunt those scars and stories! Come on inside and check out what is in store for you.

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